Are you tired of feeling like you’re on a financial rollercoaster, despite earning a great income? Do you find yourself wondering where all your hard-earned money has gone, month after month, leaving you perpetually in debt?

If so, you’re not alone. Many intelligent and successful individuals face the same frustration when it comes to managing their finances effectively.

Working with Monica through her Money course has been transformative for me. I struggled with debt and out-of-control expenses. Meeting Monica through a mutual friend was a turning point. Her energy and success inspired me to seek her guidance. Monica helped me understand my spending habits… With her expertise in budgeting and expense tracking, I gained clarity on where my money was going and where I could cut back… Throughout our journey, her guidance and support were invaluable. She introduced me to financial experts and together we made significant progress in paying off my debt. Although I faced challenges and made mistakes along the way, Monica helped me regain control… She has empowered me to take charge of my finances and improved my overall well-being. I highly recommend Monica’s Money course to anyone looking to transform their financial situation. It’s a life-changing experience, and I will forever appreciate the positive impact Monica has had on my life.


It may be hard to believe, and yet, I do have an empowering solution that will transform your relationship with money and put you firmly in control of your financial destiny. Imagine a life where you no longer feel disappointed or frustrated about your financial situation. Picture yourself living life on your own terms. It’s all possible, and we’re here to show you the way.

Monica’s Money Mastery course completely transformed my life within a year. Before joining, I faced overwhelming financial challenges, drowning in debt and struggling to manage my business. With Monica’s guidance, I learned effective budgeting, financial literacy, and business financial management. Now, I have control over my finances, take a salary from my business, and even save for my children’s education. Monica’s expertise turned my struggles into triumphs, and I am forever grateful for her empowering impact on my life as a confident and successful business owner.  


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Sometimes, it can just be about tracking and knowing exactly where your money is going.  Little tweaks can add up, and you would be so surprised at how many errors there are on credit card statements – errors that you could be paying hundreds in interest just because you aren’t keeping track.

Nick and Nancy, since working with me, Monica we have found over 7k every month that was being spent on unnecessary items.  We were spending over 3K on food for a family of 4. Crazy, and the thing is that we used to throw away so much food.  We have been able to shop better, eat better and save money for our trip to Spain in February.  We also found over 650$ of monthly fees that didn’t belong to us, or we had been double billed.

Carla and Luke imported all their data and were surprised to see just how much of their money was going to monthly subscriptions. Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Prime, Paramount+, Disney+, Audible, Cloud storage, iTunes, cell data overage and the list goes on.  They even had 2 different prime accounts for the same address!  After looking everything over, they were able to decide what they really wanted to keep and where they really wanted their money to go.

“Thank you Monica, your tips and advice changed our lives”

At Monica Money and Budget Coaching, we are here to help get back on track and reach your goals.

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